Achmelvich Beach Sunset

Achmelvich Beach

Achmelvich Beach is a breathtaking, beautiful beach along the highlands coast in the Sutherland region of Scotland. You would be mistaken in thinking that this is just the typical British beach. Placed in one of the most remote regions of the UK, it is home to some of the most scenic views that the country has to offer.

Nature is an essential part of Achmelvich Beach, and from the perfect white sand, to the turquoise tropical-style ocean, you wonโ€™t be disappointed in the natural beauty. Being one of the best beaches in Scotland, we strongly recommend people to visit on their trip around the NC500, with it being the home to our first NC500 Pods.

The beach has won numerous awards over the years, including the 2019 Scottish Beach Awards. NC500 Pods are located roughly a two minute walk from Achmelvich Beach, making it an excellent place to stay when visiting the beach. 

It is a perfect spot for those wanting to go swimming, boating, fishing and generally get involved with the sea. It also includes projects such as water-skiing, wind-surfing and coasteering, giving the whole family a range of fun activities to get involved in. If you are someone who likes these kinds of activities then Achmelvich Beach will certainly catch your eye.

At night time, there are sometimes organised barbecues and bonfires, with people sharing drinks and generally having a great time. If this sounds like something that you would want to get involved in, then be sure to give the beach a visit at night time (only if the tide is out!)

Achmelvich Beach has a wide range of wildlife, including seals, white-tailed eagles and even basking sharks. If you are someone interested in wildlife and want to witness some of the most interesting and diverse animals in the UK, then this beach is certainly somewhere to look out for. 

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