All You Need to Know: Visiting Achmelvich Beach on North Coast 500

Guests waving at the Achmelvich Site

All You Need to Know: Visiting Achmelvich Beach on North Coast 500

Achmelvich Beach is situated along the North Coast 500 route, is a place that is certainly worth your visit. Being the location of our NC500 Pods, we had an incentive to place them close to such a beautiful beach, and this was the one that met the requirements. It is beautiful, with stunning views, and includes a range of activities. Visiting Achmelvich Beach will open your eyes to a different side or Britain you don’t normally witness.  

Visiting Achmelvich Beach is certainly something that you must do during your lifetime, however, knowing more about it first would definitely be helpful for your journey. Being along the North Coast 500, it is very possible that you will end up at this beach one day.

Let’s dive into some of the things that we think you should know before visiting Achmelvich Beach along the North Coast 500 route.

The Views are Stunning When Visiting Achmelvich Beach

From the beautiful light blue sea connected to the North Atlantic Ocean that contrasts with the soft, white sand, you would be rightfully mistaken for being abroad somewhere tropical, not the British Isles. This is something that makes Achmelvich Beach special compared to other beaches in the UK and is one of the reasons why so many people are visiting Achmelvich Beach.

It is a common misconception that Britain does not have beautiful beaches, however this one certainly proves otherwise. This stunning coast is one to remember, with a lot of activities for you to get involved with and attractions for you to see. Going abroad has become the normality for many, but with beaches like this at home, we hope to see many Brits decide to stay in the country for their holidays.

Remember to take your camera, because you will not be short of beautiful pictures to take back and frame. Don’t believe us? Check our gallery of what’s around Achmelvich beach

There Are Activities Available for the Whole Family When Visiting Achmelvich Beach

There is nothing more frustrating than going to the beach and realising there is nothing to do when you get there! This is not the case for Achmelvich Beach, as there are plenty of activities to get involved with, fun for the whole family to enjoy. 

There is a golf course right above the beach, with a view of the coastline that you cannot match when playing golf anywhere else. It is a fun game that you can play with your friends or family members and includes 9 holes.

There are also opportunities for you to go fishing in the sea, which is a magical experience that you should go through at least once in your life. Fishing is common at Achmelvich Beach with many of the locals going down to the bay to catch some for supper. There are many activities involving the sea that you can do when visiting Achmelvich Beach, from swimming to water-skiing and kayaking, and you should certainly give them a try.

There are Mountains Nearby When Visiting Achmelvich Beach

Scotland is well known for its climate of gigantic hills and fearsome mountains. This is something that you should take advantage of whilst being in the region. Achmelvich Beach is close to famous hills including Suilven, Canisp, Quinag and Stac Pollaidh, making it a perfect holiday destination if you like the beach, but also love going on hikes and walks. 

Taking a hike in this region would provide you with beautiful scenery, exercise and a rewarding experience whilst visiting Achmelvich Beach.

What are you waiting for?

Visiting Achmelvich Beach in the highlands of Scotland will give yourself a new perspective of Great Britain that you would not have had before. Experience the beauty that our island has to offer, and give yourself a trip similar to one on the other side of the world.

NC500 Pods are remarkably close to Achmelvich Beach, being within walking distance and giving you a view of the beauty from your pod. Learn more about the beauty of Achmelvich Beach and why you need to visit Achmelvich Beach this year.


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