Bone Caves

Bone Caves

Bone Caves

The Bone Caves are located in Ullapool, and are filled rich with history, fossils and important parts of Scotland’s countryside. They belong to the Sutherland region of the Scottish Highlands, and contain some extremely rare relics in the caves.

The Caves contain Polar Bear relics and fossils, the only ones to be found so far in Scotland, and also Eurasian Lynx relics, Brown Bear relics, Arctic Fox relics and even reindeer fossils. This shows the diversity of wildlife that this cave had throughout the history of the island of Great Britain. 

You can reach the caves by walking from the car park placed on the A837. This will take you through a range of wildlife, from waterfalls, mountains and streams. It will take around two hours, and is great for family day outs, and hikes with friends. 

To get to the car park in the first place, drive to Ullapool, and the car park is placed close to Inchnadamph. From here, there is a path that will take you on a beautiful walk through the Scottish valleys, with stunning views and nature at bliss. 

From the Bone Caves, you can continue following the path towards a tall mountain called Breabag. This mountain offers some of the most beautiful views of the highland landscape, but will take you a while to get there. 

If you are planning on going to Breabag, please allocate yourself around eight hours, as it will take a while to get there and back from the Bone Cave car park. 

We recommend that you visit the Bone Caves as they are an essential part of the history of Scotland and Britain in general. The caves have remains of some of the most exotic and tropical animals, ranging from polar bear remains to arctic fox remains. It shows the diversity that our Island contains and we strongly believe you should give it a visit.

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