Glamping in Achmelvich

birds-eye view of achmelvich bay with white beach

Glamping in Achmelvich

North Coast 500 Pods Bookings Open

Today is very special day in our journey to provide luxury accommodation in Achmelvich. It is launch day for our website. This is really exciting as it gives us the opportunity to showcase various things in greater detail. Local restaurants, local attractions and features of our pods are all on show. It also means that booking is open to the public, so there really is no going back!

Those familiar with the Area will know that there is already a great campsite & static caravan site in Achmelvich, both of which tend to be full. It’s not hard to understand why when you step onto the white sands and look out over the turquoise water of the bay. On a hot summer’s day it really is a match for even the nicest Caribbean resort.

The North Coast 500

Thanks in part to tourists driving the North Coast 500 route, securing accommodation in Achmelvich is more challenging than ever. That, coupled to the fact that we’d all like a little more comfort than you find in your average 2-man tent, made setting up a luxury glamping pod site, a ‘must do’ project for us.

Something we’ve really enjoyed along our journey to date, is tailoring the features of our site. This is based on feedback from the public. That’s the reason that some of our pods are dog friendly and why we have onsite parking for example. It has also been great to team up with local businesses, tradesman & our neighbours to form relationships that we hope add value to the local area. We certainly couldn’t hope to be where we are, without local knowhow and support.

Almost There

“It’s all becoming very real”. A phrase we’ve been saying to each other a lot recently as the latest milestone becomes a dot in the rear-view mirror. Next up we count down the day until our pods reach the site. It doesn’t get more real that that!

For more information on things to do around Achmelvich click here!


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