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Glamping Planning Permission and More

Thinking about starting your own glamping site….. ? Glampitect designed our project from start to finish and are the only specialist glamping planning permission company in the United Kingdom. They offer a speedy, professional service for prospective glamping sites throughout the UK. Planning permission is their most popular service, however, they assist in the full spectrum of glamping site setup – from conception to completion.

Do you need planning permission for your glamping pods? Read their post discussing this, the likelihood is that you do.

The guys at Glampitect actually own their own glamping site too, North Coast 500 Pods – yep, that’s this site! This mans they know your stresses and strains from a potential owners perspective – they’re not robotic designers. This puts them streets ahead of most architects with the planning process. As of the writing of this article, their site has been at 90% occupancy since opening. Wouldn’t we all like a piece of that?

Check out the glamping site setup checklist Glampitect created to help you understand if your potential glamping site is a feasible project.


Glamping Planning Permission

The main aspect of their business is glamping planning permission. There are some simple steps between reaching out to Glampitect for an initial call to having your planning permission in place. Glampitect offer a free 20 minute planning permission discussion, get in touch with them to arrange that. They also offer site visits which they will produce initial concept designs off the back of, you can arrange one of these directly through their website.

Following initial concept design there are two routes you can go down, either submitting for full glamping planning permission right away, or going for pre-planning advice in the first instance. Each have their pros and cons. Pre-planning will be cheaper and quicker to get an initial answer from planning, however, you would still need to go through the full planning application before you could begin your build. Full planning would be quicker overall and cheaper than the two step process, however it may be slightly harder to get a yes. That being said, Glampitect have a 100% record with getting planning permission, in fact they are that confident that they offer clients a free appeal should they need it.


Website Design, Social Media and Marketing

From conception to completion is Glampitect’s moto and they really do stand by it. Glampitect can offer the full range of additional services needed to set up a glamping site further to glamping planning permission.

Website design and setup tends to be the core of most ‘additional services’ that they carry out for clients. They did the work for this entire site! From a glamping perspective, this tends to be accompanied by channel manager setup. A channel manager has a master calendar that has 2 way communication between your website, AirBnB,, Expedia etc. This is integral to any glamping business looking to get bookings online.

Thanks to the assistance of Glampitect’s social media management and marketing, North Coast 500 Pods hits around 10,000 website visitors each month. Social media management and marketing are imperative to successful businesses. It is almost as important as glamping planning permission. In this day and age everyone goes online. Over 90% of purchases worldwide are influenced by social media. This really is important to a successful business. Glampitect can either offer a full management package to social media and marketing. Alternatively, they do coaching sessions on aspects of social media and managing to enable you to manage yours yourself.

North Coast 500 Pods Acquisitions for June 2019

From Conception to Completion

Glampitect really do offer the full range of services for glamping site setup. Get in touch with them today to chat about their professional services and see if they can work for you.