NC500 Pods Supports Pink Week

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NC500 Pods Supports Pink Week

NC500 Pods Supports Pink Week

We at North Coast 500 Pods are supporting Pink Week. See below written by Pink Week’s Amy Dingemans.

Inspired by the activism of the late Dina Rabinovitch, Pink Week ran for the first time in Haberdashers’ Aske’s school in 2011. Since then, Pink Week has gone from strength to strength, launching at Clare College, Cambridge in 2014. This year, Edinburgh’s Pink Week Ball will be the first in Scotland. The ball in Cambridge last year raised over £35,000. It is incredible to see the engagement with cancer charities and the need to address such a prevalent illness, with 1 in 2 of us likely to get some form of cancer in our lifetime.

Edinburgh’s Pink Week will hopefully combine fundraising for some great local causes with an incredible evening. The evening will feature performances by University students in Noteorious, the acapella group and the Jazz Bar regulars Hot Tin Roof. By bringing an element of fun to such a serious topic we hope to raise awareness and involve students in this world of giving back. Whilst we of course aim to give everyone the best evening we always want to focus on the message behind the event, a truly crucial cause to support.

The charity partners we are working with are definitely the main motivation behind this event, and we hope to bring awareness of them as well as generous donations. Maggie’s Centres are spread across the country, but Edinburgh was the first centre they founded. The centre provides a whole host of different activities from meditation classes to financial advice. Make 2nds Count is also a local cause, dedicated to making women and men living with secondary breast cancer count by supporting research into extending and improving the quality of life for patients.

The fundraising on the night will be from the raffle we are holding, which brings me to the role of NC500 Pods in this event. With their generous donation of an incredible three night stay we guarantee this will draw in some serious ticket buying!

Breast cancer is the most common type of cancer in the UK. Around 50,000 women and around 350 men are diagnosed with breast cancer each year yet more people are surviving ever before. Through spreading awareness of this disease and encouraging early detection, organisations such as Pink Week bring us that much closer to ending breast cancer forever.

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If you are unable to attend the event but wish to support these incredible causes please donate to our JustGiving page here!


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