Places to Eat in Achmelvich Beach, Scotland

Places to Eat in Achmelvich Beach

Places to Eat in Achmelvich Beach, Scotland

Achmelvich Beach is a gorgeous coast located in the highlands region, in the north of Scotland. It’s an exciting place, with many sights to see and activities to participate in, meaning many people are now flocking to Achmelvich Beach, Scotland to see what everyone is talking about. 

It is located along the North Coast 500, a five-hundred mile route across the entire north of the Scottish region, with many other coastal towns, villages and sights to see along the way.

Many people visit Achmelvich Beach every year, but the area is sparsely populated meaning there aren’t many places to eat in the area. However, there are many places to eat surrounding Achmelvich Beach, you just have to look carefully to find the places!

In this article, we are going to discuss some of the places to eat around Achmelvich Beach and showcase our favourite restaurants that you can visit whilst on your holiday trip around the beautiful Achmelvich Beach, Scotland. These food restaurants are some of the highlights of visiting Achmelvich Beach.

Peet’s Restaurant

Very close to Achmelvich Beach, Scotland, is the Lochinver region where there are a few different restaurants and food cafes available to purchase from. Peet’s Restaurant is one of those places available and with an amazing menu, you will be lost as to what to order for your main course.

There are meals with a focus on fish, with there being a “fish of the day” each day. Enjoy your favourite seafood whilst around one of the most beautiful beaches in the country. There are also meals from the land with classics such as burgers, chicken, steak, lamb and casserole. 

You will certainly be made to feel at home when visiting Peet’s Restaurant and it is certainly one of the best places to eat in Achmelvich Beach, Scotland. 

An Cala Cafe

An Cala Cafe is a modern yet cosy cafe located in the Lochinver region close to Achmelvich Beach and with an exciting menu and lots to offer, we believe that An Cala is certainly a place to check out for food when visiting Achmelvich Beach. 

There is a range of meals, with children’s meals being available also. Get there before 11 am if you want a delicious breakfast in the morning. There are also sandwiches, jacket potatoes and side-orders for anyone who wants more of a snack than a full meal. 

All your favourite beverages are available also, making this cafe one that definitely needs a visit whilst on your travels. It’s one of the best places to eat in Achmelvich Beach, Scotland. If you are in Achmelvich Beach for a few days, An Cala Cafe certainly deserves your attention. 

Lochinver Larder

Interested in a delicious pie whilst on your travels across Achmelvich Beach? Lochinver Larder specialises in the most scrumptious pies in the region, and with a wide range of pies to choose from, you will be lost as to what to eat from Lochinver Larder.

From the traditional steak and ale pie to some more unique flavours such as pork, chorizo and manchego pie, turkey curry pie and more original styles in order to bring your attention to Lochinver Larder. 

If you are staying in the region for a while, there is also a pie club in which you can get discounts on your favourite flavours. Lochinver Larder is certainly one of the best places to eat near Achmelvich Beach located in Scotland.

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