Want to Start a Glamping Business Like NC500 Pods?

Want to Start a Glamping Business Like NC500 Pods?

We’re going to let you into a little secret.

NC500 Pods isn’t our only glamping site. Far from it.

Since 2019, we’ve been setting up glamping sites all over the UK and Ireland, and now in the USA and Canada. We’ve been doing it through Glampitect UK and Glampitect North America, our sister companies. Glampitect UK does this through feasibility studies and planning applications, while Glampitect North America does it through glamping zoning screenings, feasibility studies and glamping permit applications.

If you’ve stayed at NC500 Pods and decided you want to start a glamping business of your own, then here’s your chance.

Got land in the UK? Read our ultimate guide on starting a glamping business in the UK.

Property in the US or Canada? Check out our ultimate guide on how to start a glamping business in North America.

Happy glamping.


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