Things to Do Around Brora on the North Coast 500

Brora Glamping

Things to Do Around Brora on the North Coast 500

Brora is a beautiful place along the North Coast 500 route in the Highlands of Scotland. It is a village with a lot of character, and is home to our NC500 Pods, being an excellent destination for a break when driving along the 500 mile iconic  journey. With a range of different things to do, this is a perfect place to stay.

Brora is located in the Sutherland region of the Highlands, meaning that it is very high up in location among Scottish settlements. This means that there is a range of different beautiful nature located around Brora, due to it being relatively untouched by humans and the location being known for nature itself. 

Let’s take a look at some of the things that you can do in the Brora region to entertain yourself or for educational purposes whilst staying in the location.

The Beach

There is a beautiful beach located in Brora with a stunning coastline and sand that would give you the impression that you are in the Mediterranean. From the breathtaking views that are perfect for any occasion, to the beauty that the nature surrounding it offers, you should certainly take a visit to Brora Beach.

There is also a golf course very close to the beach, on a plot of land overlooking the coast. This makes the perfect activity for you to enjoy before a day at the beach, or if you prefer to gaze at the beauty rather than dwell in it, golfing may be a more fun alternative for you.

The Local Distillery

If you are one who enjoys the history of drink or a connoisseur of Whiskey, the Brora Distillery would make a great trip for you. Learn about how they made their iconic Scotch Whiskey and how they were distributed around the settlement. 

Founded in the early 1800s this distillery is steeped in history and offers tours where you can explore the distillery and its famous whiskey. Although production has been stopped for over 30 years, their owner Diageo has announced their plans to refurbish the site and bring it back to a live and functioning distillery. Exciting!

Dunrobin Castle

This magnificent castle is situated close to Brora, and has a lot of history behind it. With its origins lying in the middle ages, there is a lot to explore and learn from visiting Dunrobin Castle. It was opened to the public in 1973, after being used as a boarding school for the seven years before. 

There are many rooms to explore, gardens and architecture to appreciate and a museum built into it, and with it being the largest house in the North of Scotland, with 189 rooms, viewing this magnificent piece of timeless history will take your breath away.

Get Involved with Brora in Northern Scotland

As mentioned above, Brora is a village with a lot of character. From the people who live here permanently to the activities and attractions surrounding the place, it is a place with heart and somewhere that certainly deserves your visit. If you like quaint, cosy villages with a friendly rural population, Brora is certainly worth your visit.

Get stuck in and get involved along the North Coast 500. We have recently opened NC500 Pods at Brora, making it a perfect holiday destination for you when travelling along the North Coast 500. These Pods are perfect, from the comfort that they offer, to the amenities that are included with them. Start your journey today.


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