What Is There To Do At Brora in Scotland?

Brora Sights

What Is There To Do At Brora in Scotland?

Brora is a stunning village in the north of Scotland with a quaint atmosphere and beautiful architecture. From the eye-candy surrounding the settlement to the population living there, it is somewhere that certainly deserves a visit, especially if you are someone who appreciates the beauty of nature.

If you have never visited Scotland before, this is a prime example of Scottish culture with it being so north into the country and isolated compared to the big cities such as Edinburgh and Glasgow. Brora is a place of character and delight, and will introduce you to a whole new area of Britain that you may have not had the chance to explore yet. 

NC500 Pods are located in Brora, with it being along the North Coast 500 route, giving people a modern option of somewhere to stay that is close to nature, but includes all the appliances and amenities of the modern world. 

Let’s take a look at some of the things for you to do at Brora in Scotland, as there are many landmarks to see and activities to participate in when in the area that you must know about before making a trip.

Things to do in Brora

There are many things to get involved in when visiting Brora, here are some of our favourite things that we always do when taking a trip to this beautiful village:

Explore the Beautiful Nature

Scotland is abundant in wildlife and nature, and Brora is no exception. There are mountains and hills surrounding the village, giving you an opportunity to go on a long walk or a hike across the region and experience some of the most stunning and eye-catching nature in the entire of the United Kingdom. 

However, all the nature here isn’t only limited to mountains and hills. There is an absolutely breathtaking coastline overlooking the village with the aquamarine, shimmering sea giving you the impression that you’re on a tropical island rather than in Scotland. 


The beach is gorgeous and should definitely be visited when in Brora as it gives you a holiday-esque experience when in a place that you normally wouldn’t expect to have such a beautiful coast.

Sporting Activities

If you are a big fan of the iconic sport Golf then you are in luck. There is an 18-hole golf course in the area named Brora Golf Club. Have a quick game with your family or friends when in Brora and give yourself a chance to play against some of Brora’s best players (there are quite a few). There are also bowling and tennis facilities in the village for you to get involved with.

If you prefer watching sports games rather than playing them, Brora Rangers F.C. were founded in 1879 and have been members of the Highland Football League since 1962, making it one of the oldest football clubs in Scotland.

Dunrobin Castle

Dunrobin Castle is a part of Scottish history, with it being built in the region close to Brora in the middle ages. It is a magnificent castle with a lot of history behind it, and includes 189 rooms and a ginormous garden.

It is a castle that should definitely be visited when in the Brora region, with a lot to explore and a beautiful design that should certainly be appreciated.

Stay at NC500 Pods

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