What Makes Achmelvich Beach on Scotland’s North Coast so Special?

Achmelvich Beach Special

What Makes Achmelvich Beach on Scotland’s North Coast so Special?

There are plenty of beautiful beaches across England, Scotland and Wales that you could visit and enjoy, so why would you choose Achmelvich Beach on Scotland’s North Coast over the other beaches? What makes it so special? We believe there are many things that make this Scottish beach one of a kind.

Stunning Views

The views that Achmelvich Beach on Scotland’s North Coast have to offer are like no other. When you think of Scotland, your mind, understandably, likely goes straight to cold weather, mountainous landscapes and bagpipes but in reality, Scotland has some amazing surprises if you look in the right places. Achmelvich Beach is one of the hidden treasures on Scotland’s North Coast that you’d kick yourself for missing out on.

Numerous Activities for the Whole Family

Achmelvich beach isn’t just a beach, it’s so much more than that. With so many reasons to visit Achmelvich Beach, it’s a holiday on its own. There are numerous activities that you and your family could enjoy while at this glorious beach, from sunbathing to swimming. It’s also a particularly popular spot for sports such as windsurfing and waterskiing due to the Scottish Highland winds and excellent waves this part of the coast gets.

Fish, such as Salmon, are commonly caught on the North Coast 500, and Achmelvich beach is no exception. Whether you enjoy the relaxation of fishing, the quality time you get to spend with family and friends, or just the art of catching fish, fishing in Achmelvich beach will be relaxing and enjoyable. As well as being a great way to source your own dinner for the night too.

It’s Surrounded by Famous Hills (Perfect for Hiking)

The beach itself is surrounded by famous Scottish Highland hills and mountains such as Stac Pollaidh and Suilven. This makes it a great place for those that prefer to stay active on their feet rather than lay on the beach or go for a dip in the sea. The famous hills are the perfect place to go for long (or short) hiking trails and adventures, either with the whole family or some nice ‘me time’ with the outstanding nature that will be surrounding you.

Achmelvich Beach on Scotland's North Coast has Won Numerous Awards

This beach has won multiple awards and consistently been awarded an MCS recommended status as well as given the blue flag award. Its unbelievably clear waters, stunning scenery and unpolluted sea leave us with no surprise that it has won these kinds of awards. Not many beaches can say they’re award-winning! 

Make Memories on Achmelvich Beach

The beach is such a special one, with Achmelvich Beach on Scotland’s North Coast being home to stunning scenery and undeniably fun activities for the whole family whether you came to relax or explore. This beach on the North Coast of Scotland will create lifelong memories you will never forget, do you really want to miss out on that? 

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