What To Look Forward To At North Coast 500 Pods

Looking Forward to Achmelvich Beach

What To Look Forward To At North Coast 500 Pods

North Coast 500 Pods are a fantastic place for you to experience the brilliance that Scotland has to offer. From the breathtaking views to the nature that can’t be seen anywhere else in the country, the highlands of Scotland is a special place with a lot to offer. 

Being the furthest north of the country, it is a very diverse region with different wildlife and nature contrasting the rest of the UK. There are mountains, beaches, landscapes and animals that cannot be seen anywhere else in the British Isles, such as the Golden Eagle.

If you are planning a trip in the United Kingdom, then North Coast 500 Pods is certainly somewhere to keep in mind. Let’s take a look at some of the best things surrounding the pods and what you can look forward to when you are going on a trip to the north of this country.

Achmelvich Beach

If you couldn’t tell from the name, North Coast 500 Pods are extremely close to the coast. So close to the point where you can see the coast from the pods themselves. This coast is known as Achmelvich Beach and is home to some of the most beautiful, scenic views that the region has to give.

Achmelvich Beach is certainly a place worth visiting. The fine, soft white sand and the stunning water from the North Atlantic Sea will have you believing you’re in the mediterranean, and the scattered cliffs and rocks will remind you of the beaches that a tropical island could have.

Activities For You to Do

There are many activities in the surrounding area of Achmelvich Beach and North Coast 500 Pods for you to participate in. These activities are fun and the whole family can get involved with them. Let’s take a look at these activities and see what you find exciting:

Achmelvich Golf

Just above the beautiful coast, there is a fun 9-hole golf course for you to spend your time at. If you are someone who has never played golf before, or an experienced golfer, you are certainly welcome at Achmelvich Golf.

The best part about this golf course is that you can enjoy a peaceful game with the view of one of the most alluring, incredible beaches in the country. Imagine winning an exciting game of golf right in front of the big blue sea , it is something that you would expect the President or the Royal Family to do. 

Sea Activities

If you are someone who loves the ocean, then you will not feel lost at North Coast 500 Pods. There are fishing opportunities with planned boat trips in the area happening frequently, making a fun day out for all the family if you have never tried before. If you make it to Achmelvich before the end of July, you might be there for the annual fishing competition, where everyone can compete for the biggest and best fish. 

If you aren’t too interested in fishing, you can always go for a swim in the beautiful light-blue sea. It might look welcoming, but be warned – it can be very cold!

Hiking or Climbing

As you would be in Scotland, the area is surrounded by hills, mountains and cliffs for you to explore and walkthrough. Some of these hills are famous and known in the area for their height and how exciting they can be to climb. These include Quinag, Ben More, Cul Mor and Stac Pollaidh. 

If you are looking for a challenge and want to push yourself on your trip, then going on a hike would certainly make the criteria.

What are you waiting for? North Coast 500 Pods

Visiting Scotland along the North Coast 500 is definitely a trip to remember. From the fun activities to participate in, to the beautiful scenery surrounding the pods, the Highlands will certainly live up to your expectations.

If you haven’t already, take a look at our Achmelvich Beach page for more information regarding our destination and the things that you can do there. Alternatively, if you would like to look at dates available to stay, you can have a look at our booking page. 


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